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Review: Managing Your Online Calendar of Events and Registrations


This article reviews the process of managing your Online Calendar of Events and Event Registrations. ClubHouse Online e3 features two types of Online Calendars; fully functional Online Calendar of Events with Registrations, and version which is integrated with Jonas Activity Management. This article will review the fully functional online version and will provide some tips for those using the online calendar integrated with Jonas Activity Management.

Throughout the article you will find references and links to our ClubHouse Online e3 documentation. All Calendar and Event Registration documentation can be found here Calendar and Event Management.

Creating a Calendar Event

  1. To create an event within your ClubHouse Online e3 Calendar, login to your website and navigate to Club Central > Administration > Event Management. The Event Management page will provide you with all the tools needed to manage your events.
    NOTE: Events cannot be created within the ‘Content’ tab of your website. This is a common mistake when attempting to create events. Events must be created within the ‘Administration’ section of ClubHouse Online e3 through ‘Event Management’.
  2. Review your Event Categories and Event Locations first to ensure your list is up-to-date. It is best to set the proper category and location of the event prior to releasing it to your members. For help with managing these areas please see the help article section Manage Categories and Manage Locations under Calendar and Event Registration – Administration.
  3. Once you have reviewed your Event Categories and Locations, click on ‘Create Event’ from the ‘Event Management’ page.
  4. Enter the event name and select a category and location for the event.
  5. Enter an event description. The event description will be used in the event’s ‘Small Template’. The ‘Small Template’ is used when a user is viewing events in ‘List Events View’ as opposed to the full calendar view. In addition, the description of the event is used when members are registering for the event. For more information on ‘Small Template’ vs. ‘Full Template’ please see the help article section Look and Feel under Calendar and Event Registration – Administration.
  6. Enter the event’s date and time. You can set this event to be ‘No Specific Time’ which means the event is all day.
  7. Advanced Event Times: This will allow you to add multiple times for this event in addition to setting event recurrence. Please see the help article titled Calendar and Event Registration – Administration for more information on setting up event recurrence.
  8. Event Pricing and Restrictions are optional settings. If inserted, the event price will show when members are viewing the event in ‘Full Template’ and registering for the event. Event Restrictions will not only show within the event, but will prevent certain members from being able to register based on gender, age, guests, etc.
  9. Once finished, click ‘Save’ to save your event. This will activate the next options for your event such as registration.

Event Registration

  1. Click on the ‘Registration’ tab to set up event registration; note that this can be done when creating the event or editing a previously created event.
  2. Change the Registration Type to Quick or Detailed:
    1. Quick: Allows members to quickly register for events providing only the number of guests that will be attending (in addition to the member).
    2. Detailed (Full Registration): Members are required to enter the registrants’ names either by choosing from a member list or entering a guest name for non-members. In addition, Detailed registration allows clubs to ask questions per registrant (e.g., meal options)..
  3. Registration Information: Enter the date and time for when the registration should open and close for this event. For example, if the event is created well in advance, some clubs may want to control when it is open for registrations, or set a date by which all registrations need to be made. Capacity allows clubs to control the attendee limit for the event in addition to the maximum number of attendees per registration (booking).
  4. Registration Questions: Applicable within Detailed Registration only, this allows the club to set up questions to be asked per registrant. Questions can be configured to be mandatory per registrant.
For more detailed explanation on setting up Event Registration please see the help article section Adding Event Registration on Calendar and Event Registration - Administration.

Event Look and Feel

The Look and Feel tab of an event will allow you to control how an event appears to your users. This is where you can select the look for your ‘Small Template’ and ‘Full Template’.

NOTE: The Look and Feel tab is available for Clubs integrating their Online Calendar with Jonas Activity Management. In the previous steps, events would be created in Jonas Activity Management, uploaded to ClubHouse Online and made available to Administrators (including Event Administrators) to edit through Manage Events. The Look and Feel tab is a key component for both versions of the calendar, allowing Admins to format and design their event content.

There are 4 options within the Look and Feel tab:
  1. Full Template: Select the template for the full view of your event. The full view is used when users select an event from your calendar or click on an event name in the ‘List Events’ view. The full view will utilize the content editor section to include the content in the event.
  2. Small Template: Select the template for the small view of your event. The small view is used when an event name is expanded on within ‘Event List’ view and when members are registering for your event. The small view will include the event description entered within the Create Event stage. This differs from the full view as it does not allow you to add any information to the event.
  3. Upload Image: Most Small and Full templates have a placeholder for an event image. Upload the image here. Full templates can take advantage of the content editor to include more images.
  4. Content Editor: As with creating web pages, the content editor allows for similar flexibility when creating an event. In addition, if you choose to insert the same event description here as you did when creating the event, the editor has an easy ‘Copy Description’ button so that admins are not required to re-type the same content. The content entered within this section will only be displayed when the Full Template is used (i.e., clicking on a event name within the Event Calendar or List Events view).
NOTE: You must enter content or use the ‘Copy Description’ button in order for the full template to be populated for your users.

For more information on working with an event’s Look and Feel please review the help article section Look and Feel under Calendar and Event Registration – Administration.


The settings tab primarily controls the event notification options. Notifications are sent when members register to an event or modify their event registration, or when administrators make changes to an event and registrants need to be notified. This tab is also available for Clubs integrating their online calendar with Jonas Activity Management.

There are two options to select:
  1. If ‘Notify Members’ is selected, an email will be sent to the registered member(s) to confirm their registration and update them on any changes to an event for which they have registered.
  2. If ‘Notify Club’ is selected, an email will be sent to the email address entered in the field provided when members have registered or modified a registration for an event.

Managing Events

Once events are created they can easily edited through Club Central > Administration > Event Management > Manage Events. In addition to editing an event, you can copy an event previously created, delete events, restore events that have been deleted and view registration reports for events that allow member registration.

NOTE: If your club is integrating the Online Calendar with Jonas Activity Management, you are limited to the settings that can only be edited online. Event information such as Name, Date/Time, Description, and Registration information must be edited within Jonas Activity Management.

The Manage Event screen will list all upcoming events within your Online Calendar by default. Use the Manage Event filter to toggle between a list of Upcoming Events, Past Events, Deleted Events and All Events. You can also enter an Event Name to filter events by name.

The Manage Event list will provide the Event Name, Event Date, Event Time, Max Attendees, Total Attendees, Space Available, and options to add a registration for a member, view the booking report, or publish/hide the event on your online calendar.

Clicking on the Event Name will navigate you to the event itself, while clicking the pencil icon to the right will open up the option to edit the event. For more information on Managing Events, please see the help article section entitled Managing Events under Calendar And Event Registration – Administration.

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