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Introducing Court Bookings v.2


As of March 7, 2012, a new Court Booking application will be available to your club and its members, online. This version presents several significant enhancements over its predecessor. The most valuable of these enhancements are listed below.

  • New Court Sheet user interface which allows members to determine booking length and highlight slots◦A default booking length can be configured by the club
  • New Booking Screen which allows users to add other Members by way of an auto complete, add Guests by entering names or Add TBD Players.◦Smoother transition when adding players
  • All players on a booking are displayed within schedule screen without any additional clicking
  • Fly out flags are displayed when hovering over the schedule to display additional booking/availability information

The following enhancements require an update to Jonas Activity Management (JAM) v. or higher

  • Support for staggered schedules
  • Support for fixed schedules (members can only book certain slots in the schedule)
  • Ability to display all bookings online - even if users cannot create these online (i.e., instruction, leagues, et. al.)
click here to review the latest changes to the e3 Court Booking module.
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