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New to ClubHouse Online or clubbroadCast?


We understand that positional responsibilities within an organization can change from season to season, that’s why this month we would like to promote the various facets with which new employees or new administrators of ClubHouse Online e3 (e3) or clubbroadCast (cbC) can obtain free online documentation and training material anytime. This article is written for the new e3/cbC administrator as well as the trained administrator looking to sharpen their knowledge and skills.

ClubHouse Online e3 Support Site

Let’s start with the ClubHouse Online e3 Support Site. This site is a great way to learn how to use the various functionality of e3 and cbC. The portal features news articles on tips and tricks, online webinar training schedule, recorded webinars, video tutorials, documentation and help articles on the various modules we offer in both products. Administrators can access the Clubhouse Online Support Site from within e3, or cbC:

e3: Log into your e3 website as an administrator, switch to Club Central and click on the orange e3 Help button at the top right side of the page

cbC: Log into cbC. On the Home Dashboard is an Announcements & News section with a link to the
Support Site.

The support site primarily includes a library of documentation and help articles on working with e3 and cbC. Each product is divided into two areas of the site; e3 Help and cbC Help. Navigating to the home page of either product will detail the sub-sections within and provide readers with a guide on the best articles to review first; starting with basic to more advanced features.

The site also provides a number of help videos for website administrators.  This allows users to watch a short demonstration of various aspects of administering e3 on their own time; such as creating web pages, working with images and image galleries, learning how to establish page security and using member modules. All videos are narrated by our Professional Services team.

Help videos can be found on the support site under Education > Help Videos (

Online Training

Our Professional Services department is committed to offering avenues of continuous education for our ClubHouse Online administrators in the form of group training sessions using weekly Webinars:
  • ClubHouse Online e3 Beginner Content Training: designed to provide clients with a basic understanding of ClubHouse Online e3
  • ClubHouse Online e3 Calendar Training: targeted at clients that are implementing the ClubHouse Online e3 Calendar Module.
  • ClubHouse Online e3 Content Design Best Practices Training: designed for clients seeking content creation techniques that will allow them to transform their existing content and create a more visually appealing website.
  • clubbroadCast Beginner Training: designed to provide a basic understanding of clubbroadCast email marketing.
  • clubbroadCast Advanced Training: designed to provide existing clubbroadCast email marketing users with the ability to utilize advanced messaging options.

A full list of Webinar topics and scheduled can be found under

Clubs also have the ability of scheduling one-on-one training with our Professional Services department over the web at an hourly rate of $125/hour. This option allows clubs to receive personalized, dedicated training designed for their website and needs. If you or your club are interested in one-on-one e3 or cbC training, please contact your support team and they will ensure the Professional Services department schedules time with you as soon as possible.

Lastly, whether you’re brushing up on skills/knowledge or learning e3 and cbC for the first time, It’s always best practice to keep up with your website configuration and settings to ensure each module is configured correctly for the club. Here are a  few reminders as we enter the 2014 season:

If you have any further questions or need more information on ClubHouse Online e3 or clubbroadCast, please contact your Web Support team via phone or email:

8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Jonas Club Management
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
800.352.6647 (option 1, option 3)

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