The clubbroadCast section of the ClubHouse Online support site houses a number of tools that will help you, our valued customers, to continually improve your electronic communications’ content, layout as well as your overall communications plan.

In this section you will find user guides, quick reference guides, tips and tricks, best practice documentation,  webinars, and recommended reading material.

Where To Begin: Create, Edit and Send an Email Message

For more information on working with email messages, please see sections Creating a New Message, All Messages, and Creating Messages Using The Template Editor

Managing Your Email Contacts: Lists and Segments

It is imperative that the club creates a segment or a list prior to sending off their email message. Review our help sections on Lists, Segments, and All Contacts.

Uploading Images, Documents, and Sounds: Using the File Manager

When creating or editing an email message you have the ability to add media that has been uploaded and hosted within clubbroadCast. You can upload files when creating or editing the email or you can use the Hosting section to upload, delete, and manage all your online files.

Check back often for new material. Feedback and suggestions can be emailed the Club House Online Support team - we look forward to hearing from you.

Headers / Footers

Footers and Headers are like email signatures. They can contain your unsubscribe link, your postal address, and any other related information. Footers are very important because they can affect whether or not your message is CAN-SPAM compliant.

6. What is “Link to online version” and why is it important?

This link allows the recipient to view an online version of your message in its original format by clicking on the link that is created in the header.

Custom Templates

Templates enable you to easily maintain professional and consistent Clubbroad Cast communications by separating the message design from the message content.

Facebook Messages

Integrating your account with a Facebook account allows you to post Facebook messages, let contacts sign-up using their Facebook information, and map Facebook data to contact fields. You can also trigger workflows based on if someone liked a status, liked a page, commented on a status, or posted to a page.


The Mange Contacts section allows you to Import, Export, and Clean contacts along with running Special Reports based on your contact database.

7. How do I manually add additional email addresses to an email?

All recipients of a message using ClubBroadCast should already be in the All Contacts section. These emails should have been exported from Jonas or CSG or Imported from a .csv file.
Once they are in the All Contacts area the email address should be assigned to a list or a segment before the message gets sent out.

Very rarely should email addresses be created manually into ClubBroadCast directly.

All Deliveries

The Deliveries page lets you see all of the deliveries that have been sent.

Suppression List

The suppression list consists of email addresses that can not be added to your account and cannot receive messages from you. The suppression list can be a very useful tool for excluding email addresses from receiving your messages. There are various reasons why you might need to exclude certain email addresses from being added to your account, with the most common being to honor the request of people who have opted-out from receiving messages from you.

8. Why does the application not allow for attachments and what can I do as an alternative?

Attachments increase the size of your message. The larger the file size, the more susceptible your message becomes to a filter or an outright block. Also, ISPs (especially free ones like Hotmail, Yahoo etc) limit the size of emails it will accept and deliver to an inbox. A message with an attachment might not be delivered because it puts the recipient over their mailbox quota.

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