The clubbroadCast section of the ClubHouse Online support site houses a number of tools that will help you, our valued customers, to continually improve your electronic communications’ content, layout as well as your overall communications plan.

In this section you will find user guides, quick reference guides, tips and tricks, best practice documentation,  webinars, and recommended reading material.

Where To Begin: Create, Edit and Send an Email Message

For more information on working with email messages, please see sections Creating a New Message, All Messages, and Creating Messages Using The Template Editor

Managing Your Email Contacts: Lists and Segments

It is imperative that the club creates a segment or a list prior to sending off their email message. Review our help sections on Lists, Segments, and All Contacts.

Uploading Images, Documents, and Sounds: Using the File Manager

When creating or editing an email message you have the ability to add media that has been uploaded and hosted within clubbroadCast. You can upload files when creating or editing the email or you can use the Hosting section to upload, delete, and manage all your online files.

Check back often for new material. Feedback and suggestions can be emailed the Club House Online Support team - we look forward to hearing from you.

All Messages

From the All Messages page, you can see all of your messages. By default, the All Messages table is sorted to show the most recently edited messages first.

Content Tags

Content Tags allow you to create reusable "blocks" of content that you can use in the body, header, and footer of your messages. The block of content is referenced in your message via a custom defined content tag you create. When your message is sent, the content tag is replaced with the appropriate content. Content tags are a great resource that can save you a lot time.


Lists are static groups of contacts. Contacts are manually managed within a List, meaninig a cbC administrator must add or remove contacts unless the contact has chosen to unsubscribe from your marketing emails. This section will cover how to manually manage contacts within a list.

Reports Downloads

Downloadable Reports allow you to export contact and tracking data to .csv files. Reports will remain available for download for 90 days after you create them. Additionally, you are limited to 50.00MB of total storage space for your reports.

Social Networking

Integrating your account with a Twitter account allows you to post to Twitter and track the posts made via the application. You can also trigger workflows based on whether a contact mentions or retweets a Twitter username you have setup in your account.

3. I am pasting content from Microsoft Word into a new email message and it’s out of alignment.

When text is copied from Microsoft Word there is additional code that is only visible in html mode.

Creating a New Email Message

The first thing you need to do when creating and sending your message is to give the message a name and select the type of message you want to send. The message name is the unique identifier for your message. Think of it as the name of your document. It is important to remember that this is not the subject line for your message.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology allows internet users to subscribe to websites that provide RSS feeds. The RSS feeds provide a list of content, a brief description, and a link to the webpage with the full article. For example, in addition to reading the news headlines via email, you can read the latest news through bookmarks in your web browser, or through a RSS reader.

Message Reports

A message report is an aggregate of all the metrics associated with all the deliveries of a message.


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