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Export Utility

The clubbroadCast Member Export Utility is responsible for uploading your club’s Jonas member information up onto the clubbroadCast servers. In order for your information to update on a regular basis, it should be left running at all times. It is due to this fact that it is recommended that the clubbroadCast Member Export Utility run on a dedicated workstation. To start the clubbroadCast Member Export Utility, open an instance of Jonas Management System and log in with User I.D “CBCAST” password is one blank space (press the spacebar once).

Once logged in, the system will automatically direct you to the clubbroadCast Member Export screen.

Ensure that the correct Club Code is selected and click on the “Export” button. This will start the export utility and notify you on the bottom portion of the screen as to its status.

Leave this module open so regular updates take place to our servers.

Clicking on the “Terminate” button will stop the update process.

Adding additional fields to upload onto clubbroadCast

The Jonas system allows you to select various fields and upload them onto clubbroadCast to assist you in your member filtering/selection process for target marketing. clubbroadCast allows you to upload a total of 50 different fields in addition to email address up onto the database server. By default, you will already have 19 pre-selected fields and have the ability to add 31 more. The following steps will outline how to set up additional fields to upload onto the clubbroadCast server.

In Jonas access Club Management > Member File > Member Import/Export > clubbroadCast Interface Profile


You will land on a page that looks similar to this:

It is important that you DO NOT modify any of these fields within this area as it could potentially disrupt the connection between your Jonas server and clubbroadCast.

Click on the “Fields” button on the right-hand side to access the clubbroadCast Field Mapping Utility.

The fields listed in red are fields that have been finalized and cannot be removed. These are fields that are currently being uploaded onto clubbroadCast.

To add additional fields, select an empty field cell and press your F2 key to open the “Report Generator Codes”

Within the “Report Generator Codes” section , simply scroll down the list or use the function to locate the field you would like to upload onto clubbroadCast and double-click it.

Continue this process until you have selected all the fields you would like to upload. You will notice that these fields you have added are currently in black text. This indicates that the fields have not yet been finalized for uploading onto our servers.

To finalize these fields, click on the “Finalize” button

and you will come across the following prompt:

Click on “Yes” to proceed or “No” to go back.

Selecting “Yes” will then show the following:

Click “OK”

You will then be brought back to the “clubbroadCast Interface Profile” window. To complete the process, click on the “Sync” button to add any existing information located within that field into the next member information export.

The next time the member export runs, the new field along with its corresponding information in Jonas will then be uploaded. 

Excluding/Including Member Statuses from the clubbroadCast Export Utility

The clubbroadCast Interface Profile contains a Member Status Filtering option that allows you to either include or exclude certain statuses to be uploaded onto the clubbroadCast website. The following steps explain how to set up this filter. 

  1. In the Jonas Management System, go to Club Management > Member File > Member Import/Export > clubbroadCast Interface Profile and click on the “Status” button

  2. In the Member Status Filtering screen, you will see the Filter Type radio button. If you would like to include member statuses to upload, click on the “Included” radio button. To exclude member statuses from being uploaded, click on the “Excluded” radio button.

    NOTE: You can only perform ONE type of filter for the export utility. Either choose statuses to be “Included” to clubbroadCast, or “Excluded” from being uploaded.

  3. Begin selecting member statuses to have included/excluded by clicking on the magnifying lens to open the member status selection dialog box and double clicking on the status:

  4. Continue this process until you’ve selected all the member statuses to include/exclude. To remove a member status from the listing, double click on the member status to have it removed.
  5. Click on “OK” to finalize your settings.

Deleting Synced Jonas Fields from clubbroadCast

If you currently have Jonas fields that are synced to clubbroadCast and would like to have them deleted, perform the following steps:

  1. On clubbroadCast, go to Contacts > Fields and delete the field by clicking on the  delete button adjacent to the field you would like to delete. Follow the prompts and confirm the delete.

  2. Next, log onto the Jonas Management System and go to Club Management > Member File > Member Import/Export > clubbroadCast Interface Profile, select the appropriate Club Code, click on the Sync button, and confirm the synchronization:

  3. Clicking the Sync button will initialize an export through the clubbroadCast export utility. If you do not have the export utility currently running, then start the process to initiate an export. For instructions on starting the export utility, refer to the “Starting and Running the clubbroadCast Member Export Utility” document in this section.
  4. After the export has completed, go back to Club Management > Member File > Member Import/Export > clubbroadCast Interface Profile and click on the “Fields” button
  5. In the “Fields” section, you should now see that the field(s) you have deleted on clubbroadCast is now in black font indicating that it has been “de-finalized”:

  6. Click on the Field Code that you would like to delete and click on the “Delete Row” button and follow the prompt to proceed with the deletion:
  7. Click on OK to complete the removal of the field.

Exporting Lists from the Jonas Report Viewer 

With the amount of reporting possibilities that the Jonas Report Viewer can offer, clubbroadCast has incorporated a method for you to upload these reports (providing the report outputs a member number) onto the clubbroadCast server so you can create lists from these reports and email these specific contacts. The following instructions will show you how you can upload these reports. Please note that knowledge of the Report Generator is required in order to produce these reports. For instructions on using the Report Generator, please refer to the Jonas Essential Documents. This can be accessed by logging into Jonas and going to Tools > Essential Docs/FAQ’s > Club Essential Documents and viewing the Application Brief on the Report Generator. 

In this example we will be creating a report/list showing us members that have not visited the club within the past 30 days. 

Begin by creating a new report and include the member number as the output. In this report, we have also included field V02 to output the last visit.

Click on the conditions button to obtain the Report Conditions box and click on the “This report will generate a clubbroadCast email list” checkbox. You can also add report conditions in this screen to ensure that unwanted statuses (resigned, deceased, suspended, etc) are left out from your report.


Click on the “OK” button to close this window and then “OK” again on the “Design Club Reports” window to be brought back to the main menu. 

Next, go to “Report Gen: Print” and select the report that was just created. After selecting the report, the next screen will ask you to specify the start/end date and start/end time. In this example, since we are looking for members that have not visited the club in 30 days, we will set the “Starting Date for Visits” to one year before and the “Ending Date for Visits” to 30 days before the current date. This will give us a range of members that have not visited the club in 30 days for the past years’ range. Once the date ranges have been selected, click on the “OK” button. The following screen will ask you where to print the report, you can simply click on the “File” button to finish. The next time the export utility runs, this report will then be uploaded as a list onto clubbroadCast. You can now email to that list of contacts.

Setting up Email Lookup Priorities

NOTE: You must be updated to at least Jonas 12.0 in order to utilize this functionality

The clubbroadCast Export Utility allows you to indicate the upload priority for three different email fields located in Jonas. By setting the email priorities, you can have the export utility obtain another email field from Jonas if the email address field in the first priority is null. You can set up to three different priorities through this feature. The various email fields that the clubbroadCast export utility can upload from include:

  1. The Default Main Screen
  2. The Business Address email field
  3. The first entry in the multiple email address section in the main screen.

1) The Setup/Edit Members screen displays the Default Main Screen with the Email Address

2) The Business Information screen shows the Business Email address field

The Additional Email address button


3) The first entry in the multiple email address section. This can be found by clicking on the Additional Email icon on the Setup/Edit Member screen. clubbroadCast will only look into the email address listed in ROW 1 on this page.

NOTE: This is a Jonas wide setting, the email priorities cannot be changed on a per member basis.

To configure the email priorities: 

  1. Go to Club Management > Member File > Member Import/Export > clubbroadCast Interface Profile

  2. In the clubbroadCast Interface Profile, you will see the section marked as “Email Lookup Priorities”. By default, all three priorities will be set to “Default Main”

  3. Using the drop down list menu, select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Lookup

  4. Click on the OK button to finalize your settings


clubbroadCast Export Utility FAQ

  I have a new email address for a contact that has previously been unsubscribed, should I reactivate the unsubscribed email address?
  I have some unwanted statuses being uploaded into clubbroadCast, how do I exclude them from being uploaded?
  I've experienced an Error 88 in the Export Utility, what do I do?
  Can more than one machine run the Export Utility at the same time?
  I have a new email address for a contact that has previously been unsubscribed, should I reactivate the unsubsribed email address?

If you have a contact that has been unsubscribed due to a bad email address and you have obtained a new email address, then it is not necessary to reactivate the contact.  With the new email address in your Jonas System, the export utility will upload the new email address as a new contact on clubbroadCast.  You can either leave the old email address unsubscribed or delete the old email address.  

NOTE: This functionality was not available in older versions of Jonas.  Please ensure that your Jonas system is up to date by downloading a product update from
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  I have some unwanted statuses being uploaded onto clubbroadCast, how do I remove them from ever being uploaded? 
  You can exclude them from the upload by adding that specific status to the Excluded member status filter.  This will allow you to designate which status you would like removed from the upload.  Refer to the help section labeled “Excluding/Including Member Statuses from the clubbroadCast Export Utility”
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  I’ve experienced an Error 88 in the Export Utility, what do I do?
  First, you will have to contact Web Support and request to obtain a Safe Exit code to exit out of the error.  Next, log onto and download the latest Jonas product update and update your system.  Restart the Export Utility.  If you continue to receive the error 88 message, please contact the Web Support team.
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  Can more than one machine run the Export Utility at the same time? 
  The clubbroadCast Export Utility can only run from one machine at any given time.  If you wish to have the export utility run from a different machine, ensure that it is not running elsewhere before initiating an export.  Running the Export Utility while it is already running on another machine will result in an error message.
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