Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a segment for all of my active members?

This allows you to easily target an email to all your members that have a Member Status of Active in your Accounting System

2. How do I set up a Message Rule that automatically sends out emails for member birthdays?

Allows you to set up a rule that will check your member's birthdate and send them a greeting automatically based on the criteria that is set up.

3. I am pasting content from Microsoft Word into a new email message and it’s out of alignment.

When text is copied from Microsoft Word there is additional code that is only visible in html mode.

4. How do I add more fields?

Fields can be added directly from ClubBroadCast or through an upload from the accounting system.

5. I sent a test email to myself and I have not yet received it.

It is possible that the email is being blocked by your mail server.

6. What is “Link to online version” and why is it important?

This link allows the recipient to view an online version of your message in its original format by clicking on the link that is created in the header.

7. How do I manually add additional email addresses to an email?

All recipients of a message using ClubBroadCast should already be in the All Contacts section. These emails should have been exported from Jonas or CSG or Imported from a .csv file.
Once they are in the All Contacts area the email address should be assigned to a list or a segment before the message gets sent out.

Very rarely should email addresses be created manually into ClubBroadCast directly.

8. Why does the application not allow for attachments and what can I do as an alternative?

Attachments increase the size of your message. The larger the file size, the more susceptible your message becomes to a filter or an outright block. Also, ISPs (especially free ones like Hotmail, Yahoo etc) limit the size of emails it will accept and deliver to an inbox. A message with an attachment might not be delivered because it puts the recipient over their mailbox quota.

9. How can I check to see if a member received/opened the email I sent them?

There are two ways to look to see if a member received/opened your email

10. I have a member and a spouse that shares an email address. How do I add both contacts?

Each contact must have a unique email address.

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