About Us

Enhance Member Communications, Enrich Members' Experiences & Engage Your Members

ClubHouse Online's member facing applications, such as websites and email marketing tools, play an integral role in retaining members, increasing utilization of club facilities, satisfying members and recruiting new members.

A cutting edge website provides the ability for your members to book a tee time, view up-to-date statements, pay monthly bills, and much more. An Industry leading email marketing system assists you in the creation of target marketing campaigns which keep your members engaged and drive additional revenue. Together, our fully integrated website solution, ClubHouse Online e3, and email marketing product, clubbroadCast, allow you to reach out to your members and interact with them like never before.

This new website solution combines advanced security options, dynamic page templates that auto-populate pre-defined news items, flexible navigation structures, an enhanced Member Roster with networking capabilities, and more for superior member-to-member and club-to-member communications

Who Are We?

The ClubHouse Online (CHO) team at Jonas Software and Club System Group has grown immensely since its inception in 2005, as have the number of web clients that the group deals with on a daily basis. Currently the ClubHouse Online group consists of the following departments: sales, support, graphics, implementation and training, clubComm and development.


The ClubHouse Online Sales team strives to ensure that our clients find the best fit for their member website and communication needs. We continually strive to establish and maintain an ongoing relationship and line of communication with our new and more advanced ClubHouse Online users.


Once your site has gone live the ClubHouse Online Support team is there to help you out when you have issues or problems with your site. Although there is a wealth of information and knowledge on this site to guide you through issues sometimes it helps to speak with the expert and have them get to the bottom of your issue and resolve it. Our ClubHouse Online Support team strives to help each and every client that calls in or logs a call online.


The Graphics team is responsible for consulting with you in order to create a site layout that will be consistent throughout your site, taking in to account your needs regarding the branding and image of your club. The Graphics team also is involved in creating splash home pages and/or any custom graphics for your site.

Implementation and Training

The Implementation and Training team will act as your project managers throughout the inception and launch of your new ClubHouse Online site. From the kickoff meeting until going live this team will work to install the necessary software on your servers, connect it to your website, set up training sessions and make sure everythign is in order before your site is launched and live to your members and the world. 


The ClubcComm Online Marketing Services team offers a full range of online marketing professional services. If you have purchased one of the professional services packages with your ClubHouse Online contract, your assigned ClubComm consultant will work with you to choose the services that best suits your clubs needs. 

Development and QA

The Clubhouse Online Development and QA teams are responsible for developing new applications, reinventing and enhancing existing applications and functionality as well as ensuring that they will work for you and your members.