The clubbroadCast section of the ClubHouse Online support site houses a number of tools that will help you, our valued customers, to continually improve your electronic communications’ content, layout as well as your overall communications plan.

In this section you will find user guides, quick reference guides, tips and tricks, best practice documentation,  webinars, and recommended reading material.

Where To Begin: Create, Edit and Send an Email Message

For more information on working with email messages, please see sections Creating a New Message, All Messages, and Creating Messages Using The Template Editor

Managing Your Email Contacts: Lists and Segments

It is imperative that the club creates a segment or a list prior to sending off their email message. Review our help sections on Lists, Segments, and All Contacts.

Uploading Images, Documents, and Sounds: Using the File Manager

When creating or editing an email message you have the ability to add media that has been uploaded and hosted within clubbroadCast. You can upload files when creating or editing the email or you can use the Hosting section to upload, delete, and manage all your online files.

Check back often for new material. Feedback and suggestions can be emailed the Club House Online Support team - we look forward to hearing from you.

11. Member not receiving emails and they have a Transactional Status

TRANSACTIONAL: this happens when an email address received their first message through CBC using the SEND TEST where the recipient email address is typed in MANUALLY instead of a SEND REGULAR with the email address belonging to a LIST or SEGMENT.

(Usually this happens when staff members were added manually into ClubBroadCast and sent a 'Test Message' to proof read a message, or a member just joined after an important message just got sent out, or a member complains that they aren't receiving messages)

Since the email address didn't go through the initial assessment that takes place after they receive and open their first email that is sent from a list or segment they get put into this Transactional status.

Here you will find the instructions on how to switch the status from Transactional to Onboarding and steps that you could take in the future to prevent this from happening again in the future.

12. Members not receiving messages

There are many reasons why a member is not receiving messages that are being sent out.
The following will cover the most common scenarios as to why they are not receiving the messages even though they are already in ClubBroadcast


A compilation of commonly asked Questions followed by their Answers. The list ranges from simple matters like adding a PDF to an email message, to more advanced troubleshooting guides on what to do when a contact does not appear to recieve email messages.

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