Frequently Asked Questions
2. How do I set up a Message Rule that automatically sends out emails for member birthdays?
  1. Create email message. (The email message that will be sent using this rule must be created prior to setting up the Message Rule)
  2. Navigate to Automation > Automated Message Rules.
  3. Click on 'Create Automated Message Rule'
  4. Give your Automated Message Rule a name. 
  5. Under Automated Message Rule Type, select “Date Based”.
  6. Under the Type Setting section, click on the dropdown next to ‘Field’ and select the appropriate birth date field. 
  7. Click on the dropdown next to Type of Match and select the appropriate criteria depending on whether or not the message will be sent on the member’s birthday or once a month for all members with birthdays within that month.
  8. Select “Next Step”
  9. Enter the appropriate information into the fields under Sender Options.
  10. Place a check next to Enable Sender Authentication if not already checked.
  11. Under the Automated Message Rule section, select the message that will be sent following the established rule. 
  12. Under Timing Options, select the desired time for the email to be sent.
  13. Click on “Verify Settings” and verify the information provided.
  14. Click “Save and Activate” to activate the Message Rule.

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