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The Reporting Dashboard allows you to quickly get an overview of the activity going on in your account. You can also access more detailed reports from the Reporting Dashboard should you need more specific information.

Activity Snapshot

To get a quick overview of the activity going on in your account, go to Reporting->Dashboard. On the Reporting Dashboard, you can go to the Activity Snapshot section to find out everything from performance metrics, to contact growth numbers. For each report in the Activity Snapshot section, you can view a trend line for the past year, the change over this month, and the change over the last month.

From the Reporting Dashboard, you can view all of the available reports. Click on the name of the report to view a graph and table describing the report, as well as buttons that allow you to manipulate the report data to match the information you need. For more information on each report, click the link in the Related Topics section below that corresponds to the report you want to know more about.

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