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The Home Dashboard is the first page you will see when you open the application. The Home Dashboard is packed full of useful information that gives you a snapshot of the activity going on in your account. This page will walk you through all of the graphs, metrics, and sections contained on the Home Dashboard, and also describe the basic navigation tools native to every page in the application.

Navigating Around the Application

The basic navigation tools are found on every page and are used to view different pages in the application. These tools include the buttons across the top of the page (Home, Contacts, Messages, Content, and Reporting), and the Account Info link located in the top right corner of the screen. The Sign Out link is the lone exception. If you click this link, you will be signed out of your account.

Emails Sent

The Emails Sent graph displays the number of emails you have sent in the past four months, and the date that your email allocation replenishes.
Note - You may notice a discrepancy between the number reflected in the Emails Sent graph and the number of emails in the Usage This Allocation Period section below. The reason for this is that the Emails Sent graph data is populated on a less frequent basis. So, for the most up to date representation of your total emails sent during this allocation period, view the metric for emails used in the Usage This Allocation Period section.

Viewing The Allocation Usage

The Usage This Allocation Period section shows you the total number of emails sent from your account (i.e. your sending volume), the total number of contacts currently in your account, and the total amount of hosting space you are using. If your email volume is close to it's limit, please contact ClubHouse Online or clubbroadCast support for assistance.
The Performance Last 30 Days message performance section displays the open, clicked, and converted percentages for all messages sent from your account in the past 30 days.

The Deliverability section displays metrics describing deliverability for your account. Deliverability refers to the percentage of your messages that were successfully delivered to your contacts' inboxes. 

Sender Rating
Your sender rating provides quantitative insight into the quality of your lists and messages. Primarily driven by the complaints your messages receive from ISP Feedback Loops, this information is like a direct line into the minds of your contacts. Lower ratings indicate a higher than normal level of complaints from contacts. If your ratings fall low enough, we will automatically take steps to help improve your rating, such as throttling your sending activity over longer time periods, or in the worst case, inserting a more prominent unsubscribe link into your messages.

Using the information provided by the Sender Rating, you can see if you may be facing deliverability problems because of excessive complaints or hard bounces from your messages. You can also see how your email marketing practices stack up relative to other marketers using the application.

Announcements And News
The Announcements section displays updates and announcements.

Viewing The Mini Delivery Calendar
The mini delivery calendar on the Home Dashboard contains a small version of the delivery calendar that displays all your deliveries for a given month. You can toggle between months by clicking the left and right arrows, or view a full calendar by clicking View Full Calendar.
Viewing Alerts
When alerts appear in the application, you will notice the following icon appear next to the Help search box.
As more alerts appear, the number on the alert icon will increase. To remove an alert from the alert drop-down, click Dismiss. Alerts will appear for the following reasons:
  • A scheduled activity is completed (segment refresh, report download, contact import, etc.)
  • Maintenance and downtime notifications.
Quick Links allow you to easily add a link to certain pages in the application that you can click at any time from any page. 

To create a new Quick Link:
  1. Click the Quick Links icon.
  2. Click Add this page.
  3. A notification will appear on the screen letting you know that a Quick Link for the page you are on has been added.
Note - If you are on a page and the Add this page link does not appear in the Quick Links drop-down, either a Quick Link is already added for that page, or you cannot add a Quick Link for that page.
To remove a Quick Link:
  1. Click the Quick Links icon.
  2. Click the red X next to the Quick Link you want to remove.
  3. A notification will appear on the screen letting you know that a Quick Link for the page you are on has been deleted.
The search bar which is located on the top right hand corner of the website will allow you to search any topics related within Club Broadcast. This area displays the search results of the related subject that is entered in the search field, Frequently Asked Questions, help topics on the current page that you are on and videos pertaining to the related topic that is in the search field.



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